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  • Joe Bachmeier


When it comes to wine tasting in Texas you have thousands of options! The one wine destination that comes to mind other than Napa, California is of course Fredericksburg, Texas. Not only can you get your peaches down in Fredericksburg, but we have some of the best wineries in the great State of Texas! The Fredericksburg Peach Express is here to guide you on your Hill Country Wine Tour. Whether it’s a weekend with your best friends, a bachelorette party or a company outing, there are a couple of things you need to know before any wine tasting bus tour.

Most bus companies offer two types of wine tours; One is the private tour, where you and your group have a vehicle and an itinerary that is exclusive to you. It’s usually pretty flexible and you can build customized tours around your favorite wine destinations. The other is a shared tour, or a public tour. For a shared wine tour, you join other wine lovers and spend the day visiting wineries with them.


We decided to only offer private wine tours, because it’s so much more fun with people you know and trust! The private option might seem a little more expensive for small groups, that’s why The Peach Express Wine Tour bus only operates with groups of minimum 6 people. And let’s be real, the more the merrier!

The Peach Express Wine Tour Bus

Most wine trolleys, shuttles and bus tours offer all inclusive wine tours or basic tours. The Peach Express Fredericksburg Wine Tours simplified your options to these three easy options:

  • Life’s a Peach Tour

This wine tour includes a 4 hour private Fredericksburg Wine Tour with 3 complimentary tastings per person. Choose your favorite wineries and we’ll do the rest! All you have to do is kick your feet up and wine down! 

  • Hourly Tour

Customize your whole tour! With this custom Fredericksburg bus tour you get to plan where you want to go for a minimum of 4 hours. You plan your day and we make sure it goes according to that plan so that you can just relax and have fun!

  • Public Tour

This wine tour includes a 5 hour Fredericksburg Wine Tour with 3 complimentary tastings per person. We've selected 3 of our favorite stops for your convenience! All you have to do is kick your feet up and wine down! 

Another differentiation between wine bus tour companies are the types of vehicles they use. Common choices include sedans and limousines for smaller groups, and vans or buses for larger parties. The Peach Express is a tour bus and is a very comfortable 14 seater where your party sits facing each other. What is the use of having a party bus and having to look at the back of your friends’ heads? It’s the perfect setup for your Bachelorette party tours or your girls’ weekend! You are guaranteed to have fun on our FBG bus tours! 

The inside of the The Peach Express Wine Tour Bus

The last distinction we'll mention is the wine tour company's philosophical approach. Some offer up a very educational day, while others cater for the party bus crowds. The Peach Express caters for everyone! Our guides are well informed and know the 290 Wine route like the palm of their hands. If you and your group prefer a wine-down, calm and slow-paced tour, we’ve got you! If, on the other hand, you are planning a wild bachelorette party - we surely know how to see to your needs as well ;)

So, the decision is easy to pick a Wine Tour bus company- it’s spelled; T-H-E-P-E-A-C-H-E-X-P-R-E-S-S! Come bearing GRAPE expectations!


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