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Do I have to pay the full amount when I make the booking?

You will have the option to pay the full amount or a 25% deposit (+booking fees) at check out if your tour is more than seven days away. The outstanding amount is due 7 days before your tour date.

Am I able to modify my tour after booking?

Yes you are. You can email us at with your request.

Is the tip already included?

Yes, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to your tour cost to thank our drivers for their hard work behind the scenes, ensuring your tour runs smoothly.

However, feel free to tip your driver directly if they provided exceptional service and made your tour even more enjoyable! This additional tip is entirely up to your discretion.

Am I able to modify the number of people on the tour?

Yes, depending on the tour option you will be able to add people to the maximum of 14 people. When booking a Hourly or Custom tour you can add and remove people however you want, no need to inform us.

When booking the Life’s a Peach Tour or any of the tours that include tastings, you’ll have to confirm the number of people before we can confirm your reservations with the wineries. Modifications are dependent on the availability at the wineries. You can modify your group size up to 7 days prior to your tour date. Please see our Refund Policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 7 day cancellation policy that is non-refundable. Special requests will be reviewed and depending on circumstances, you might be able to use your credit toward a future date. Please see the detailed policy here.

What do “complimentary tastings” include?

For the tours that include tastings, we will take care of your tasting fees at each stop. Most wineries in the area offer 4-6 wines per tastings.

Are we able to choose the wineries or other stops?

Yes, depending on the winery’s availability. You can see a full list of our partners by clicking here. If you do not see the location you want to visit on this list we can still try to make arrangements to add it to your tour, but that depends on the particular winery's group size limits and tour company policies. There will be additional charges for wineries not listed on our partner list.

The public tour however has a set schedule; Safari, Texas Wine Collective and Yeehaw Saloon.

Why is there an upcharge on certain destinations?

We have certain partnerships with wineries in the area that makes it possible for us to offer our tours at low prices. Tastings fees vary per winery, depending on the fee, we might need to charge an additional fee per person.

If I booked a custom/hourly tour, who makes the reservation?

With this option you are able to plan your own tour for a minimum of 4 hours. Because most wineries require card info or payment upfront to secure reservations, your group leader will have to make reservations ahead of time. All you need to do is share your itinerary with us. If you would prefer that we handle everything on your behalf, please feel free to book the “tastings included” option.

Can I bring a cooler on the bus?

We will provide a small cooler on the bus with cold water. You are welcome to bring your own cooler as well with beverages and snacks of your choice. (Please note that no alcohol or snacks will be allowed on the winery’s premises, it must stay on the bus at all times).

One of my friends that will be joining the tour does not drink, what would you charge for her?

When you book the Life’s a Peach Tour, we charge 50% of the normal rate. After clicking on the “Book now” button you will be able to select the number of people drinking as well as the number of non-drinkers.


If you booked the Hourly Tour there is no additional charge.

Do you allow under 21’s?

Yes, we do! We charge the, the same rate than the non-drinkers (see previous question).

Please note that some wineries however do not allow under 21’s on their premises.

Do you gift certificates?

Absolutely! You can follow this link to purchase a gift certificate at any custom amount. You/your friend will receive a unique code that they’ll be able to use on checkout.

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